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What We Do

We drive decision-making for clients in the interactive entertainment industry. We provide the marketing insights and options to tackle business challenges from one-time project needs to creating a brand from scratch and building it for the long term.

Decide where you want your brand to go, what success will look like and we’ll help your studio every step of the way to get there. If you need us to roll up our sleeves and execute the plan, we can do that too.

Digital Grown Ups

We’re so passionate about digital entertainment that we’ve dedicated our whole careers to it. Each project lead brings over 20 years of marketing and industry experience to your team. We’ve also been around long enough to understand in detail functions outside of our own and the importance of aligning with core objectives. We round out our team with young talent and agency partners to keep thinking fresh.


We solve studio problems like resource allocation, knowledge gaps and relationship building. We solve product problems like awareness, discovery, acquisition, conversion, engagement and satisfaction. For independent studios as well established brands looking to expand their creativity and digital footprint. The outcome: a true extension of your team focused on evangelizing, monetizing and scaling your brand.

Leadership Team

We’re on a mission to make you feel awesome about marketing. Hiring agencies and managing limited resources can be a challenging combination. We’ve been on your side of the table. It starts with dedicated leaders, enthusiastic and invested in a personal approach to your project.

Ami M. Blaire
Managing Partner

  • Passion for social and emerging platforms
  • Brand marketeer with deep understanding of audiences and digital channels
  • Formerly, senior executive at Sony, Microsoft, Vivendi Games and Square Enix

Chloë Rothwell
Managing Partner

  • Keen tracking of market trends
  • Co-founder of two startups covering e-commerce, community and mobile
  • Formerly, senior executive at Vivendi Games with a global career living in NA, Asia Pacific and Europe

Our Process

Our services can be scaled to one-time projects or complete campaigns. We stay mindful of budgets and keep things lean and agile. You get an experienced and dedicated team invested in your success.

  • Research

    Understanding of your product, market, customer and marketing needs

  • Plan

    Strategic recommendations aligned with product development and current market insights

  • Execute

    Implementation and conscientious execution of measurable tactics

  • Optimize

    Flexibility to adjust according to market feedback and product development

Our Services

We are advisor, coach and teammate for all areas of marketing. Hundreds of product launches and years of industry experience means we have lots of insights to share. We don’t have a crystal ball but sometimes already knowing what not to do is even more valuable. Each project is different but these are some of the things we can work on with you:

Brand Development

Guide how consumers relate to your brand. We help you establish a unique market position and identity. You standout from the competition.

Product Launches

Maximize impact and sales. We plan and execute the right programming mix to achieve your goals. No cookie cutters included.

Influencers and Media

Get featured and integrated into programming. We reach editors, streamers and bloggers. You see lots of coverage.

Audience Building

Develop a unique voice and compelling content. We engage a community around your product. You convert consumers to loyal customers.

Consumer Insights

Understand consumer behavior and uncover where to invest resources. We help you test, learn and iterate. You save time and money.

Brand Partnerships

Attract and align with other players. We negotiate sponsorships, in-kind and co-marketing deals. You jumpstart your brand reach.

Our Clients

We are very proud to work with all our clients from up-and-coming indie studios to established, brands in technology and entertainment:

Let us know how we can help